After IHRO confirms the department approval by e-mail, the related documents should be completed in full and submitted to the department secretary (Nuriye Karaosman - Office 106). The applications should be completed four months before the contract start date (if the applicant is notified on the contract dates).

The applications are first approved by the university and sent to YOK in about a month. Check with the IHRO coordinator once a month to make sure there are no disruptions in the process and supply additional documents or make corrections if necessary. In case you do not receive the approved contracts from YOK in three months, contact with the Office to communicate with YOK.

New Application Documents:

  • Foreigners Identity Information Form
  • New Applicant Information Chart
  • Information Form
  • Identity Form
  • Visa Demand Form
  • Contract
  • Detailed Resume
  • Notarized Copies of Passport and Diploma
  • Notarized Copies of Language Teaching Certificates (if applicable)
  • 6 passport-size headshots
  • Checklist for New Application Documents


After the approval

You will receive the approved contracts via e-mail. The payment of the work visa fees are collected by the Tax Office or the listed banks indicated in the approval document. The fees are to be paid under two different codes. Please remind the Tax Office or the bank to make the payment under the related code and check the codes yourself from the receipts.

You should make copies of the payment receipts and hand in the original receipts to Nuriye Karaosman to deliver them to YOK for the work visa cards to be issued. The work visa cards (also referred to as the Turkish ID card or residence permit) should arrive in about a month after you send the receipts. Check with the IHRO coordinator or Nuriye Karaosman on where to collect them.

You should carry your work visa cards with you at all times as well as your passports. If you have not received a valid work visa card yet, carry a copy of the approved contract in case you are asked for identification.

* Please note that the academic title Okutman is no longer used (Öğretim Görevlisi should be used instead).


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