Student’s Forms

Attached you may find the student’s  petition forms. After filling in the forms according to your request, you need to submit them to our directorate by signing them.

You can ask for a document showing you have successfully completed the Preparatory School from the Student Affairs at the Rectorate. 

You need to get your Student’s Document and Transcript from your department (e.g. If you are a Psychology student, go to the Secretariat at the  Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Arts and Science).

You have to apply the Erasmus+ Exchange Programme Coordinatorship for the results of the foreign language exam.

You need to apply the Institutes for the applications, results and objections to Post-graduate Foreign Language Exam.

 1)  Öğrenci Dilekçesi

 2) Kayıt Dondurma (İzinli Ayrılma) Formu 

 3) İntibak ve Eşdeğerlik Talep Formu

 4) Mazeretli Ders Ekleme Formu 

 5) Hatalı Ders Kaydı Düzeltme Formu 

 6) Bölüm Dışı Seçmeli Derse Kayıt Formu 

 7) Hatalı Ders Saydırma İşlemi İptal Formu

 8) Maddi Hata İtiraz Formu

 9) Mazeret Sınavı Formu

 10) Tek-Çift Sınavı Formu

 11) Üniversite Dışı Yaz Öğretimi Formu

 12) Yaz Öğretimi Misafir Öğrenci Formu

 13) Yaz Öğretimi Ücreti İadesi Formu

 14) % 10'luk Başarı Dilimi Harç İadesi Formu

 15) Merkezi Puanla Yatay Geçiş Formu